Hands Be Strong, Inc.
Publishing, Educational Services and Consulting

"Do not be afraid, but let your hands be strong."
(Zechariah 8:13, NRSV)

Our Mission

The purpose of Hands Be Strong, Inc. is to be a corporate servant of Christ, committed to intensive attention to the Holy Spirit, practicing the presence of our Father in prayer, sharing the Gospel of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Company Profile

  • HBS, Inc. is a domestic, for-profit corporation founded in the state of Texas in January 2003.
  • Our purpose is to fulfill our mission statement as we journey here on earth with our heart in heaven.
  • We are a small business, hard working and committed to creating a quality product; providing outstanding customer service.
  • Hands Be Strong came as an encouragement as I was considering starting a small company. I thought about using my initials as a quick reference. It occurred to me to search the scripture, looking for words that match my initials. The verse in Zechariah stood out especially because it was a word of encouragement, to do the work ahead, to get started and not be afraid.

About HBS

From the many years experience in teaching Sunday school and the love of the sacred stories, the book of Bible Plays for Children developed over time with the hope of sharing the faith in Christ with the next generation. H. B. Stephens, a native Texan, received an undergraduate degree in engineering from Rice University and later completed a Master of Divinity from Texas Christian University with a focus on Christian Education.